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About Measurement & Control Solutions

Since our inception in 1993, Measurement & Control Solutions have successfully built a business on the basis of providing quality products to a broad range of satisfied customers.
Through 23 years of successful operation, Measurement & Control Solutions has become a leading provider of data logging, recording and acquisition systems to the South African market. The DataTaker systems provided by Measurement & Control Solutions have been used in local, remote and standalone applications.

During the mid 1990's Measurement & Control Solutions embarked on an ambitious expansion program of "South African Presence" enabling us to be in the position we are today. We supply our quality range of products through a nation wide network of agents and distributors, supported by Measurement & Control Solutions Head Office in Cape Town.
All appointed Measurement & Control Solutions representatives are thoroughly trained in our products to ensure maximum customer support.

The Mission

Our mission is to continue to build our market position as a South African leader in the supply of data logging, recording and acquisition systems, by providing innovative solutions to the Industrial, Environmental and Research Markets.

The People

Since the commencement of operations, Measurement & Control Solutions has prided itself on employing only the highest quality staff throughout all levels of the organisation. The results speak for themselves, in that we have assembled a team of expert professionals, experienced in all facits of our customers requirements.

Our key focus in the area of Marketing and Sales Support is complimented by Quality, Engineering, Finance and Administration, all combining to deliver a total support package to our customers.

The Products and Services

The product and service philosophy of Measurement & Control Solutions is simple. We supply solutions based on easy to use hardware and software products. Our commitment is to growth, based on product sourcing, research and innovation. The company is committed to providing its customers with the latest solutions to solve their applications.
The Vision

Our vision is to be a successful dynamic South African competitive company which continues to achieve strong growth through the development of our core capabilities, while maintaining high quality products and services. Most importantly we will maintain our responsiveness to our customers and their needs.

The Values

As a company we value:

  • Teamwork based on communications, a diversity of views and trust.
  • Continued development of our skills and professional knowledge.
  • Equality and opportunity for all staff.
  • Professional behaviour that includes, respect of others, ethical behaviour and integrity in all our activities.
  • Awareness of the environment

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