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Who We Are and What We Do
Measurement & Control Solutions are the recognized South African specialists in portable data loggers, power data logging and Test and Measurement instrumentation. Since 1993 we have been a major and successful distributor of a number of carefully defined, unique and Internationally proven products, specifically geared for the South African industrial, scientific, mining, automotive and Test & Measurement markets.
We supply and support cost effective solutions based on powerful but easy to use hardware and software. Our systems can be gainfully used by novices, yet have the functionality to meet the requirements of the most demanding.
Our Product Philosophy  
The product and service philosophy at Measurement & Control Solutions is simple. We supply and support cost effective solutions based on powerful but easy to use hardware and software. Our systems can be gainfully used by novices, yet have the functionality to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications
Our Product Offering
Our international exclusive product offerings for the South African market include:......

anemometer wind measurementGill Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

Weather Instrumentation products, which are reliable, cost effective and timely solutions in the areas of environmental monitoring, scientific and industrial instrumentation, such as

Gill Weather  instrumentation, Davis Weather Stations, Kestrel wind meters

Octagon SystemsOctagon Systems' embedded PC's, and design philosophy makes their products some of the most rugged embedded PCs on the market today. It's a philosophy that ensures high–level performance and reliability no matter where you install our cards. We provide the highest specification industrialized embedded controllers, which offer solutions where standard PC's cannot be used.

PowerSight PS4500

Welcome to PowerSight, Inc.the industry leader in hand-held single-and three-phase power analysis tools. Our area for energy professionals, consultants, OEM's, Utilities, energy managers, facility managers, and service companies. We offer industry the latest in innovative, high quality portable energy measurement devices and accessories, including power data loggers.

 Temperature Technology Temperature Technology

T-Tec 73A 4-20mA data logger Welcome to Temperature Technology which Specialises in manufacturing instruments for measuring and monitoring of temperature and related physical quantities, pH, mA, RH, since 1982. These include small single channel , data loggers, and refrigerated vehicle (for trucks and vans) recorders with printing ability. We are also able to offer tips and advice on temperature measuring and monitoring.

Odalog Gas analyser data loggers

And now, A World of Safety Equipment At Your Fingertips

With App-Tek Safety we can offer a wide range of GAS data logging data loggers to meet your workplace safety requirements.

We now specialize in the supply of equipment to detect, monitor, sample, and measure workplace hazards such as gas monitoring, sound level meters, noise dosimeters, heat stress monitors, dust samplers, and specialised air samplers to detect vapours and hazardous gases.

OdaLog Gas data logger
Unimeasure Positional Transducers
Unimeasure Positional Transducers

Not to forget, UniMeasure who manufacture a broad line of wire rope actuated linear position and linear velocity transducers. Often referred to as a string pot, a yo-yo pot, a draw wire transducer, a linear position transducer, or a cable extension transducer, the device has proven to be an attractive approach for a multitude of applications in many different industries.



Datataker data loggers
From our principles at Datataker in Melbourne  Australia, our flagship, and popular data logger range, we bring  the most powerful and flexible acquisition and data logging systems available in South Africa.
So what is Data Acquisition or a Data Logger ?
Parameter information such as the following can be measured,  recorded and profiled :

Temperatures, flow rates, pressures, loads, speed measurements, volts and voltages, DC or AC currents, anemometer outputs, calibration, hygrometer readings, infra-red distance readings, manometers, multi meter measurements, clamp meters, ohms, pH, conductivity, thermometers,  tachometer inputs, thermocouples, dew point measurement, events, flow, humidity, insulation testing, kilowatt calculations, kwhr, maximum demand, level, light and lux, power factor, resistance, rpm,  vacuum, velocity, clamp on cts, infrared thermometers, vibration, torque and  force as well as other parameters.

This is  all gathered by various sensors, converted to digital format and either stored or forwarded onto a computer..

Regardless of the size of your project, Measurement & Control Solutions can provide you with small single channel units through to large multi-channel systems.

New! Advanced Geotechnical data loggers from Datataker.

DT85G Geotechnical data logger   DT80G Geotechnical data logger

Datataker launches two new geotechnical data loggers dataTaker DT80G and dataTaker DT85G.  

Based on the highly successful dataTaker DT80 range the new GeoLoggers provide an extremely versatile, easy to use solution for all geotechnical projects.  Rugged design and construction provide reliable operation in the extremes of the geotechnical environment.

With built in vibrating wire support, user friendly configuration and advanced communications options the dataTaker GeoLoggers provide the ‘All-in-One’ solution for monitoring in geotechnical installations.  Whether stand alone or networked, data can be recovered via USB memory stick, RS232, FTP, cell phone, Modbus, for SCADA, Ethernet or Web.  The built in web server allows direct access when connected to the internet without the need for polling or specific host software.

Expandable up to 300 channels the dataTaker GeoLoggers are compatible with all major brands of geotechnical sensors including Geokon, Slope Indicator, RST Instruments, Soil Instruments Roctest and AGI – Applied Geomechanics Inc.

We are now able to fully compliment our product range.

As indicated by our name, we provide...   

Measurement & Control Solutions

Tel:  021 554 2989   


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