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Portable Cable Fault Locator

  •  Compact, light and rugged field instruments
  •  Battery and AC line operation
  •  Automatic end-of-cable and fault locating
  •  4-kV or 12-kV output versions available
  •  Transflective color display
  •  ARM® Prelocation
  •  Fault Pinpointing (Thumping)
  •  Optional Sectionalizing Software*

Weighing less than 33 kg the EZ-Thump series are the most portable fault location systems on the market. It utilises the “Easy Go” test system, which is easy to operate, interprets the results and requires minimal training to find faults.

On-board is a TDR with a 7.6 km range and arc reflection at 4 or 12 kV respectively for pre-locating. For pinpointing,

EZ-Thump offers a surge energy of 500 J, d.c. testing for breakdown detection and insulation resistance measurement. The

units are operated from line or the internal battery. They can fit in the boot of a car, making them ideal for a flexible quick response fault finding strategy.

Smart Thump ST Series

Cable Fault Locator

Smart Thump ST Series
  •  Delivers 1500 J at 8 or 16 kV
  •  16 kV DC high voltage proof test and insulation resistance test
  •  Easy Go automatic test sequence to proof test, prelocate and pinpoint
  •  Interprets test results for user
  •  5.7 in. transflective color display
  •  Safety / grounding check
  •  USB interface

The SMART THUMP ST Series of cable fault locators provides safe, efficient and easy-to-use solution for quickly identifying, prelocating and pinpointing various types of cable faults for power cables. The ST Series was developed to meet the requirements for typical low- and medium-voltage distribution cable fault location markets. Circuit parameters include: ? System voltage up to 35 kV Insulation EPR or XLPE Typical conductor sizes between #2 and 500 MCM (34 mm2 to 250 mm2) Typical circuit lengths from a few hundred feet (100 m) up to 3 miles (17,000 ft or 5,000 m) ? Typical end users include: operations department of power utility The ST Series incorporates E-Tray technology, a concept that has been already proven in other products (EZThump, EZ-Restore Overdrive, and TDR T3090) and which will be carried forward into new Megger products in the future.

The E-Tray adds the unique capability to access and operate every function through an innovative and intuitive user interface, without the need to make adjustments and the software suggests the next logical step.

PFL Series

Cable Fault Locator

PFL Series
  •  DC insulation testing
  •  Fault conditioning
  •  Arc reflection, arc reflection plus, differential arc reflection, impulse current and pulse echo prelocation methods
  •  Ergonomically designed control panel
  •  10.4 inch integrated color screen TDR
  •  Optional inverter available with PFL22

The PFL Series of cable fault locators provide a versatile, portable solution for advanced identification, prelocation, and pinpointing of cable faults on a wide variety of cable types.

The PFL22M1500 and PFL32M1500 perform DC insulation testing up to 20 kV and 32 kV, 8/16kV and 16/32 arc reflection with 1500 joules surge output, arc reflection plus, differential arc reflection and impulse current and pulse echo modes of fault prelocation.

The unit incorporates the MTDR100 which offers auto ranging, a comprehensive cable library and is user friendly with a single selection knob.



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